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coming 12 months.



2nd January to 24th January USA Mid West Tour.

SATURDAY 25th January: 40th Birthday for the Dawson twins. Top of The Pops Show.


SATURDAY 8th February: Teddington Rowers 100th Birthday. Top of The Pops Show.

SATURDAY 15th February: Big Ben Valentines Function. Top of The Pops Show.


SATURDAY 7th March: Now Available

SATURDAY 14th March: 'Parks' Ditto..............

SATURDAY 21st March: 'Parks' Ditto...............

SATURDAY 28th March: 'Parks' Ditto..............


FRIDAY 3rd April: Now Available for ' Top of The Pops Show.

SATURDAY 4th April: Now Available  ' Top of The Pops Show.

SUNDAY 5th April: Opening of new Holiday Park. Top of The Pops Show.

April 8th to April 14th Easter Bank Holiday West Country Tour

SATURDAY 11th April: Agaton Club, Plymouth. Top of The Pops Show.

SATURDAY 18th April: Cathrene & Marnies Birthdays! The Smileys Trio.


SATURDAY 2nd May 2020: Shirley & Steven Wedding. The Smileys Showband TBC

FRIDAY 8th May: Awards ceremony at The Highgate. Top of The Pops Show.

SATURDAY 9th May: 'Parks' Top of the Pops Show.

SATURDAY 16th May: Sturdee Club, Gillingham. Top of The Pops Show.


SATURDAY 20th June 2020: Daisys Wedding Worthing. The Smileys


SATURDAYS in July TBC Top of The Pops Show


SATURDAY 15th August 2020: Ashington Festival The Smileys Top of The Pops Show.



SATURDAY 24th October 2020: TBC

NEW Years Eve 31st December 2020: Boxmoor Club The Smileys Showband.


The Show That Tours America..

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